Document Scanning & Document Management Reviews – Client Testimonials

I was initially concerned about the timing and costs associated with scanning tens of thousands of our insurance file documents and how the scanned files would look and integrate with our existing document management system.

I found eScan Data to be very cost effective, timely in their service and very important to me always willing to help out.

They freely shared their expertise about various aspects of document management with me, even when clearly there was no monetary benefit to them, because we had an existing document management system in place before we awarded our document scanning business to eScan data.

I can attest to the fact Jeff and Wayne know document scanning and document management and are always looking to see what is best for their customer long term.

eScan Data has become an excellent resource for us when other document management issues arise.

Everyone at eScan Data is very accommodating. They pick up files to be scanned at our different locations and attended to our schedule without delay.  Their whole team is really good at getting the job done fast and accurately.

As a result of scanning thousands of records, we were able to go completely paperless in a number of offices.  What’s more, it enabled us to remove filing cabinets from a number of offices which free up valuable office space.

eScan’s scanning process is simple and it delivered good scanning results. Most of our documents are full of staples and paper clips, yet there was no complaining.

We have not looked anywhere else as we are comfortable with what we get from eScan Data in all areas. They’ve always done a good job, at a good price, with stable rates and never any billing issues.

I would recommend eScan data for your document scanning and management needs.

Steve Wilcox
Supervisor of Corporate Records
BCAA Insurance

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