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Document Management Systems & Scanning Services

Document Management Systems & Scanning Services

Document scanning takes place either on site at your location(s) or by shipping your documents to our Richmond BC scanning depot.

eScan Data scan/digitize all sizes of documents from a business card to an E size drawing into the electronic format desired either in black and white or full color.

Once scanned, we will index the documents as desired and/or develop the appropriate load files to allow your images to be loaded into the software you are using today. We also scan microfilm and microfiche with the same ability as above.

Our goal is to provide you with scanned electronic images in an indexed format that will be functional for them today and for years to come. Call us at 604-233-0534 for answers to all your questions.


Document Management Consulting Services

We specialize in providing document management solutions.

This includes building and implementing records classification systems, databases and reports as well as designing scanning stations and document workflow processes.

Our goal is to improve your document flow while minimizing your time looking for
or reproducing documents.

Call us at 604-233-0534 to find out how we can help you, or send an email to